Monday, August 14, 2006

Bianca, you're the balm.

Since I apparently have nothing better to do with my life than torture myself with experiments that could save me literally tens of dollars a year, today, I, Bianca Erin-Dempsey, have decided to embark on a quest. A mission, if you will. Starting this afternoon, I will not use any sort of lip balm for two weeks. This will mean eschewing the copious tubes of ChapStick and Vaseline currently scattered throughout my bags, car and apartment for easy access. This potentially foolhardy endeavor was incited by the comments following this blog entry, by Television without Pity founder Wing Chun, which paralleled my valid complaints about the latest TSA ban on liquids.

I guess the thought of going without my requisite 2 bottles of water on the plane wasn't traumatizing enough for me. Now I'm choosing to experience the epidermal pangs of dehydration when I'm not even airborne. See, when life hands me lemons, I don't make lemonade. I squeeze the lemons in my eye, or more appropriately, on my broken, chapped lips, inflicting physical pain upon myself to accompany the mental and spiritual anguish of having my civil liberties stripped away from me one by one. What's next? No humans on planes: they're 70% water.

It's been less than an hour, and my lips already hurt.

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